Why We Do It

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower and elevate aspiring talent by connecting them with meaningful opportunities in the entertainment industry. We are dedicated to identifying and promoting diverse voices and talents, and fostering collaborations that promote creativity and innovation. We want to create opportunities for any person, no matter where you are at in your career. We did it, and now we want to help you!

From struggles to fame...

We were turned down again and again, until we weren't.

Hollywood is REALLY difficult to break into and only the hardest and toughest survive. Rejection from auditions, interviews, and agencies can drain even the most driven individuals. After years of climbing and building, Tarek, Heather & Roger are in the position to help other aspiring talent. If you have what it takes, they’re ready to help you break through the noise and make your dreams come true.

We don’t have a do over. We don’t get a second shot. So why aren’t we chasing our dreams? Why aren’t we taking action? My goal is to create opportunities for the everyday person. I did it myself, and I can help you.

Tarek El MoussaHomemade Productions, Founder

Our Connections

Home & Real Estate, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Beauty & Fashion

I was turned down and ignored by agencies for years and now they’re calling me. This business can be very damaging and I had to fight with everything I had. Now I want to teach others the ropes to success.

Heather Rae El MoussaHomemade Productions, Founder

Ready to Get Discovered?

If you have a great talent, idea or product, reach out. We’d love to connect.